Our story

We believe that it’s the shared love of craft that makes our bakery and team so special.


Baking is our kraft. From the breads shaped by our very hands to the dishes we serve, we thrive on nourishing the appetite with only the finest ingredients. Our fresh baked breads are truly artisan in their beautifully imperfect shapes.

The Kraftsmen bakery is located in a historic textile mill in the Houston Heights. It is a testament to our passion in being surrounded and inspirred by history, design, and art.


Founder Scott Tycer meets Mike Zakowski—head baker at Itzi’s—at a chocolate tasting in the Heights. Tycer’s restaurant Aries had just opened. Because it was limited on kitchen space, table bread from a local artisan bakery was used. Mike and Scott found they could bake higher quality bread , so they opened Kraftsmen Baking together as a small retail location at 4100 Montrose and a wholesale location on Roy street in the Rice Military neighborhood.


Mike Zakowski sold his shares back to Kraftsmen and moved to Sonoma where he could train for the US Bread Baking team under master baker, Craig Ponsford.


Wholesale facilities move to the historic Heights, in a charming old building called “the Oriental Textile Mill”. The building appealed to Scott because of its age and location in one of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods.


Juan Carlos Ramirez becomes the Head Baker. Juan had worked for Kraftsmen through out its history, having been a protégé of Mike Zakowski. The same year, a second Kraftsmen café opens in the same building.


In 2020, Kraftsmen Baking has more than 200 accounts from Houston, Galveston, and Austin.


…and beyond!

Our Team

Scott Tycer


Taylor Yancey

Sales Manager

Jeremy Scott

Sales Manager

Juan Carlos

Master Baker


We believe in doing our part to make sure that the local community is taken care of. Throughout the year, we contribute to various causes.