New World

Reinterpreted from old world European traditions, these new world classics are best described as American style breads.

Old World

Ancient breads from east and west Europe, baked mainly in stone hearth ovens that create a deep dark color and a thick crust.


Our sweet and savory pastries are made fresh daily. 

A sampling of popular products

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for your restaurant

Americana (Hoagie)


Pretzel (Twist)

Sourdough (Loaf)

Ciabatta (Striatta)

Jewish Rye (Batard)

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Sticky Bun


Tea Loaf



Our Process

At Kraftsmen we source the finest unbleached and unbromated flours which are gently mixed to retain their delicate flavors.
After mixing, doughs are given a rest to hydrate and develop more flavor before they are then shaped by hand and baked.


Most Kraftsmen artisan breads use a starter that adds a depth of flavor and essential leavening agents. Without these hard-working natural yeasts, our bread would not have its artisan quality or unique flavors.

Bagels & Pretzels

All of our bagels and pretzels are shaped by hand then quickly dipped in lye—which gives each its signature chewy crust, deep brown color, and shine—before baking in the oven

Pastries & more

We carefully layer the highest butterfat butter can we find into our croissant and danish doughs. Each is then shaped by hand and baked to a dark, flaky treat. We also use fresh, seasonal ingredients.